Welcome the New 2020 USAFF Leadership Team

With a lot of momentum building with the upcoming 2020 AFL season to start soon, USAFF announces and welcomes the new 2020 leadership team. Former Vice President, Mark Edward Brown was announces the President of USAFF at the beginning of this month. With an impressive resume of accomplishments in growing the sport of Futsal, Mr. Brown is well equipped and ready to continue his work as President of USAFF. After his promotion he expressed his gratitude and excitement by making this statement,


"Futsal is my passion. It's an honor and a privilege to represent and grow the Sport of Futsal in the USA! My 3 top priorities are: 1) Launch the AFL Pro League. 2) Send the c15 US National Team to the World Cup in Paraguay, and 3) Grow the Sport in the USA.the USA!"

-Mark Edward Brown


Mr. Brown has also been heavily invested and involved in the development of youth Futsal players, and has had great success with the Southwestern Oklahoma (SWOK) Futsal Winter League. Under Mr. Brown the following individuals are appointed as USAFF officials

Kaue Martins- Vice President

Zane Cook- Secretary General

David Flores- Oklahoma State Futsal Director

Tony Willetts- Southwest Regional Futsal Director

Steve Scott- Head Coach of C15 Boys National Futsal Team

New leadership always brings excitement as to what the future holds. With this amazing group of USAFF officials under Mr. Brown, 2020 will certainly be a year of growth for the sport of Futsal in the USA, exceeding all past years and past accomplishments.

Former USAFF President Miguel Sanz, deserves a huge applause for the work he did as acting President during the 2019 season. His experience and expertise will not wasted as he focuses his efforts and attention on soccer with the International Little People's Federation, holding a special place in Mr. Sanz heart. He is supported by all officials of USAFF and we wish him nothing but the best success in his honorable endeavors moving forward.

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