Unexpected Victories This Weekend

This weekends matches ended in two unexpected victories; one victory for Portland City FC as their first win this season, and one victory for New Mexico Elite against an undefeated club.

Portland City FC was impressive in Saturday nights match kicking off with a 4 to 0 lead in the first 15 minutes. South Bay Originals felt the pressure and picked up the pace bringing the score to 7 vs 4 after the first half. During the second half both clubs battled back and forth, scoring goals one after the other, leaving the final score 11 v 7; Portland City FC victorious. This is the first match that Portland City FC has won during the 2021 season, and a well deserved win to say the least.

Although Portland City collected the 3 points for this match, the live streaming video was less impressive. Similar to their last hosting match in February, viewers watching live were frustrated and disappointed with the quality of the filming, as well as the lack of sound. The club will host once again on April 24th where AFL hopes to see these concerns corrected.

During Sunday's match with New Mexico Elite versus undefeated Phoenix Brazas FC, New Mexico Elite predicted their victory on Facebook 2 days prior.


"This Sunday is the American Futsal League lead against the season's unbeaten team however this Sunday, NM ELITE is going with everything to win and so heading to the final."

-NM Elite Facebook


With the home town advantage, NM Elite scored the first goal and continued to play with intensity and desire against the Arizona club. Scoring 5 goals in a row during the last few minutes of the first half, NM Elite was in the lead 8 vs 2. Phoenix Brazas FC attempted to fight back, but ultimately couldn't keep their undefeated title. NM Elite won the match 9 vs 5. This brings NM Elite at 9 points with Phoenix Brazas FC in the current standings.


The current league standings:

Phoenix Brazas FC: 9 points

New Mexico Elite: 9 points

South Bay Originals FC: 3 points

Portland City FC: 3 points


The next round of matches will happen next week April 10th. The 2021 season is coming to an end with only four more matches before the season championship against the two top clubs.

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