AFL players represent US in 2019 AMF Futsal Men's World Cup

US Futsal Men's National Team travels to Misiones, Argentina to compete on an international level with 16 other countries

The 2019 AMF Futsal Men's World Cup was held from March 31st through April 7th; crowning the host country, Argentina, as the winners against Brazil in the World Cup Finals. Playing in Misiones in 4 different stadiums in the cities of Montecarlo, Posadas, Eldorado and Oberá, 16 national teams from all confederations participated in the tournament. The USA Mens National team was there to see it all and participate on the world's stage. In group D, the USA team played against Nepal, Catalunya, France and Curacao; placing 12th in the tournament. Many players from the USA National Team are current American Futsal League members, playing in clubs all over the United States. Players from Portland City FC, Phoenix Brazas FC, and SIgnNow Futsal made up the USA National Team.

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