Phoenix Brazas FC Takes First Match Victory

For the second year in a row, Phoenix Brazas FC has won against Portland City FC in the season opening match. With the match this season hosted by Portland City FC in Oregon, the clubs home town advantage unfortunately didn't give them an edge. The final Score after two grueling halves was 3 v 6; Phoenix Brazas FC taking the 3 points.

From Portland City FC scoring during last nights event was #9 Alan Croft, #13 Gabe Parrish and #15 Jean Graells. From Phoenix Brazas FC, the first two goals came from new signing #7 João Alvarez, as well as #3 Kahlin Gonzalez, #9 Kaue Martins, #10 Mitch Garcia, and international signing #12 Junior Ferreira.

Despite the quality match that took place late last night, most viewers were unable to watch the match live. AFL announced February 5th that the hosting club of each match would be live streaming using Swishlive, a live streaming sport scoreboard app. The live stream that viewers were shown last night was massively under par to what any spectator would deem acceptable. The live stream started late, the camera was incredibly shaky, the court view was blocked, and the scoreboard was inaccurate and not real time. AFL made a statement early this morning.


"On behalf of AFL, we would like to apologize to all of our viewers that were unable to watch the 2021 Season Opener last night. All AFL clubs have been given the appropriate means to live stream their matches to include spectators real-time. User error, on behalf of the hosting club, contributed to this failure and will be address immediately. AFL is taking steps as we speak to make sure this doesn't occur again."


Although watching the match live was unsuccessful, AFL is working to provide the full match online soon so viewers can go back and watch at their leisure; this time without all the shaking.

The next AFL match will be next Saturday in Albuquerque New Mexico, as New Mexico Elite takes on South Bay Originals FC at 4:45pm (MST).

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