New Mexico Elite Wins Their First 2021 Season Victory

Returning AFL club, New Mexico Elite, took on new AFL club, South Bay Originals FC, yesterday at 4:45pm (MST) in Alburquerque, New Mexico. Scoring shortly after starting the first half, South Bay Originals took the lead at 0 v 1. Both clubs continued to battle back and forth ending the first half with New Mexico Elite in the lead. With a lot of support for South Bay Originals FC in the live chat, the viewers were hoping that their club could revive themselves and get another goal. Unfortunately New Mexico Elite dominated in the second half leading to their victory of 7 vs 2 as the final score.

South Bay Originals FC had their 2 goals from #7 Jelson Suarez Bustamante and #14 Fabio Mujica. From New Mexico Elite, #9 Luis Rodriguez scored two goals, followed by #5 Yeremi Valdez, #10 Luis Loera, #8 Christian Fernandez, #4 Yan Cesar Gioseffi, and #12 Emmanuel Reyes.

New Mexico Elite takes the 3 points, and will be traveling to Phoenix Arizona next weekend to take on Phoenix Brazas FC at 2pm (MST).

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