New Mexico Elite Takes AFL Lead With 12 Points

Yesterday South Bay Originals FC hosted New Mexico Elite in Los Angeles, California. Feeling comfortable on their home court, South Bay Originals FC scored the first two goals of the match against the away club. New Mexico Elite was able to tie it up shortly after that, and each club continued to fight to stay in the lead. South Bay Originals FC was in the lead 6 v 4, until the accumulation of fouls put them in a situation where they conceded three direct free kick goals in a row, just minutes prior to whistle blowing to end the first half; New Mexico Elite now in the lead. During second half both clubs fought to maintain the lead and take the three points for the victory. New Mexico Elite, defying the home court advantage, won against the LA club, 11 v 9 as the final score. This puts New Mexico Elite as the first-place club with 12 points currently.

As released on April 7th, the match with Phoenix Brazas FC and Portland City FC was cancelled and is being rescheduled due to an inability of Portland City FC being able to make the trip to Phoenix this weekend. Portland City FC has two weeks to reschedule their match against Phoenix Brazas FC without forfeiting the 3 points. If Portland City FC forfeits, the match will be tailed as a 3 to 0 loss for the forfeiting club and a 3 to 0 win for their opponent. Phoenix Brazas FC released a statement about the possibility of Portland City FC forfeiting.


“With the AFL season coming to an end and the championship right around the corner, our club wants as much playing time as possible. It would be ideal for Portland City FC to make it to Phoenix so we can go head-to-head against them.”

-Thiago Baptista, Head Coach of Phoenix Brazas FC


More information on the rescheduled Phoenix Brazas FC vs Portland City FC match will be posted soon.

Current Standings

New Mexico Elite= 12 points

Phoenix Brazas FC= 9 Points*

South Bay Originals FC= 3 Points

Portland City FC= 3 Points*

*Match to be made up

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