Miguel Sanz Elected President of AMF in US along with other USAFF Representatives

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Leadership of the AMF in the US passed from Zane Cook to Miguel Sanz

With the start of the 2019 year, AMF in the US now known as USAFF passes leadership to Miguel Sanz, who was the Florida State Commissioner for USAFF. Mr. Sanz having his fingers in many areas of futsal and decades of experience in the sport, this starts the beginning of a new era with many exciting transitions for the federation. With the US Men's National team playing in the AMF World Cup in Argentina this April and the U-13 AMF World Cup in Catalunya this coming October, Mr. Sanz has been putting in overtime pushing USAFF in a positive direction. With the American Futsal League building momentum and getting ready for early registration for the 2020 season starting in February, Mr. Sanz has appointed state representatives to properly organize the professional league under USAFF.

President USAFF - Miguel Sanz

Vice President - Mark Edward Brown

Southwestern Regional Director - Steve Scott

Northeastern Regional Director - Jim Antonakas Arizona State Director/Commissioner - Kaue Martins North Florida State Director/Commissioner - Simon Kassabi

Southeast Florida State Director/Commissioner - Angel Rodriguez Oklahoma State Director/Commissioner - Tony Willets Utah State Director/Commissioner - Devin Davis

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