Live Streaming Matches Using Swishlive

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

American Futsal League is excited to announce that all matches will be broadcasted live this season using Swishlive, a live streaming sport scoreboard app. Swishlive allows for live broadcasting using facebook, youtube, or any website. AFL clubs will be broadcasting using their club facebook pages. You can find each clubs Facebook URL listed below.


Club Official Facebook Pages



With spectators not able to attend the matches in person due to COVID-19, AFL made it a top priority this season to find the best solution to live streaming each match. Swishlive allows for each club to inlay the live scoreboard and broadcast easily for fans to feel like they are actually at the match.

Stay tuned February 20th for the first official AFL match against two returning clubs, Portland City FC and Phoenix Brazas FC. The match will be in Portland Oregon and is set to begin 9:10pm (PST) and 10:10pm (MST).

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