Home Town Advantage For Double Header

Yesterday evening all four clubs played against one another in the first of four double headers this season. New Mexico Elite traveled to Arizona to take on Phoenix Brazas FC, while Portland City FC traveled to California to challenge South Bay Originals FC. For both official matches, the home clubs took victory; Phoenix Brazas FC won 8 v 4 against New Mexico Elite, and South Bay Originals FC won a whopping 11 vs 2 against Portland City FC. Luckily viewers were able to watch both matches on Facebook live, with lots of online support and outreach for all four clubs.


South Bay Originals FC - Goals Scored 11

#4 Chris Lopez= 1 Goal

#5 Gabe Gomez= 1 Goal

#7 Jerson Suarez= 2 Goals

#8 Pieter Reed= 2 Goals

#9 Caio Gesualdi= 3 Goals

#14 Fabio Mujica= 2 Goals

Portland City FC - Goals Scored 2

#3 Gabe Parrish= 1 Goal

#9 Alan Croft= 1 Goal

Phoenix Brazas FC - Goals Scored 8

#9 Kaue Martins= 3 Goals

#12 Junior Ferreira= 2 Goals

#13 Diego Aires= 3 Goals

New Mexico Elite - Goals Scored 4

#5 Yeremi Valdez= 2 Goals

#9 Luis Rodriguez= 1 Goal

#10 Carlos Gutierrez= 1 Goal


Congratulations to both, #9 Kaue Martins and #9 Caio Gesualdi for scoring a hat trick.

The current standings have Phoenix Brazas FC in the lead with 6 points, followed by South Bay Originals FC and New Mexico Elite with 3 points, and Portland City FC with 0 points.

Tune in next Saturday, March 13th for the following matches;

Phoenix Brazas FC vs South Bay Originals FC @6pm (MST)

New Mexico Elite vs Portland City FC @ 4:45pm (MST)

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