Another Round of Matches

Yesterday's evening matches streamed live as New Mexico Elite took on Portland City FC at home, and Phoenix Brazas FC took on South Bay Originals FC at home.

It appears that the home town advantage has reigned once again for the second double header this season with both home clubs coming out victorious. During the New Mexico Elite match, the game started off slower than usual with both clubs finding it hard to get the ball in the back of the net. The score after 1st half was only 1 v 0. During 2nd half, New Mexico Elite turned up the heat, and scored 3 more goals, leaving the final score 4 v 0. New Mexico Elite is notorious for getting their second wind during 2nd half and pulling out the win.

The Phoenix Brazas FC match versus South Bay Originals FC was heated from the very beginning. Both clubs pressured hard, attacked the goal, and gave their all; you could feel the desire from both clubs to win. The scoreboard was very close throughout, with South Bay Originals FC only a few steps behind Brazas the entire match. During 2nd half, Phoenix Brazas FC had exhausted all their fouls and South Bay Originals FC were given 2 penalty kicks totals that were blocked by Goalkeeper #1 Jared Wilson. The final score for the match was 11 vs 6; Phoenix Brazas FC remaining undefeated.


New Mexico Elite Goals

#5 Yeremi Valdez

#10 Luis Loera

#11 Irving Esparza

#19 Elio Luna

Phoenix Brazas FC Goals

#6 Ivan Militar - 2 goals

#7 Joao Alvarez - 4 goals

#8 Francesco Abadnassi

#11 Nathan Beraldo

#12 Junior Ferriera - 2 goals

#14 Garrett Bauer

South Bay Originals FC Goals

#7 Jerson Suarez

#10 Diego Turoldo - 3 goals

$14 Fabio Mujica - 2 goals


The current league standings:

Phoenix Brazas FC: 9 points

New Mexico Elite: 6 points

South Bay Originals FC: 3 points

Portland City FC: 0 points

The next double header will be April 3rd when Phoenix Brazas FC travels to play New Mexico Elite, and South Bay Originals FC travels to play Portland City FC.

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