Updated: Feb 5, 2021

After the shortened 2020 season last year, AFL is excited to announce that there will indeed be a 2021 season starting this February. 4 clubs, 3 returning and 1 new, will be participating in this years league consisting of 26 matches; 14 official AFL matches and 12 ambassador matches against prospective clubs. The returning clubs include Portland City FC, Phoenix Brazas FC and New Mexico Elite. Adding a new club to the league this season is a club from Los Angeles, South Bay Originals Futsal Club.


"We’ve united to facilitate joy and community development through the game of futsal. Our services include a competitive platform for high-level players."

-South Bay Originals Futsal Club


With COVID-19 still a threat to returning sports around the globe, AFL will enforce social distancing, mask wearing and testing for clubs prior to travel to ensure safety for players, referees and coaching staff. In addition, official matches will be live streamed for fans to watch safely from the comforts of their home. Stay tuned as we post information about each club, our featured players and our first AFL match February 20th, as Portland City FC and Phoenix Brazas FC go head-to-head in Oregon.

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